Steve Jobs was a Douche-bag

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Technology, Uncategorized
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‘Now sometimes Colin says crazy stuff’ Greg Miller quotes while he makes his signature style hand gesture as he pulls one out, from his random topic pile to talk it out for our amusement.

Oh No, he di’int. Why did he say that about one of the greatest visionaries ever to walk the planet Earth? Although they did warn us at the beginning of every episode of a ‘Conversation with Colin’ that sometimes he does say crazy stuff. I was immediately interested and had to find it out for myself. Turns out he was a douche in many respects. He was difficult to work with both as a boss and even when he was just a technician at Atari, his first job. He was a demanding perfectionist and a stickler for quality, Fortune even wrote, “Considered one of Silicon Valley’s leading egomaniacs”. And lets not forget about the “Woz” who really was the first technological expert at Apple Inc.

Jobs did in-fact take advantage of him on several occasions perhaps and made himself the self proclaimed boss even though Wozniak made the Apple-I single handedly. The “Woz” was too naive and altruistic for his own good, If Jobs did not take Wozniak with him and run with the idea of a Personal Computer, I’m quite sure someone would’ve stolen it eventually as Wozniak did just want to give it away at the home-brew computer club and for all you know IBM would’ve gotten hold of it and probably thrashed the project thinking “what would ordinary people do with a personal computer”. Well, little did IBM realise at that time that these dope fiend hippies working out of their garage were out to change the world. Picasso said “Good artists copy and great artists steal”, Jobs admittedly stole ideas shamelessly from Xerox PARC who were doing phenomenal work which includes the Mouse that most of us get lost without even to this very day. Stealing reminds me of one of their first products the illegal Blue Box which could generate necessary tones to manipulate the telephone network, allowing free long-distance calls and Jobs is the guy behind the iTunes concept that prevents stealing from the music industry and pirating songs & software, protecting developers interest. Although they did come up with iTunes match for 25$ a year to basically legalise your pirated music into iCloud, maybe he was redeeming himself.
He was also insanely spiritual to the point he refused to seek mainstream medical treatment for his pancreatic cancer for nine months which probably led to an ‘unnecessarily early death’. Most of his spiritual buddhism training came from his time spent at Ashrams in India and this insensitive dude never tried to invest big in India. Honestly speaking, you can’t blame him for that as everyone knows how difficult our government has made it for anyone to do business in India and there are surveys to prove that its even more arduous than our rather smallish neighbouring countries. In response to that we as a country didn’t shy away from showing him the finger by choosing Android much more often than Apple.

I guess its enough with the hind side lets look at it the other way around. Lets look at the revolutionary products that we have at our disposal today only because of this great Visionary. The iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Appstore, iPad, MacBook and so on, they were nothing short of a sensation or a revolution. Not to forget that had Jobs not returned to Apple, the fruit company was basically tanked. It took him less than a measly period of 2 years to turn bankruptcy into profitability and propelled Apple to become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company in 2011. Isn’t that what we call genius? I don’t know, you tell me. Yes, I understand that he was a ruthless stickler for quality and I’m sure his subordinates would have probably wanted to kill him more often than not. I had a lecturer who believed the only way to motivate someone to greatness is by hurting him, wait what? Who the f@*k does this guy think he is? You see, I had a genuine hatred for this person not just because he was arrogant and an egomaniac; he also stole my first girlfriend and got married to her. So, can you blame a guy for hating this A’hole? As it turns out later he really did not need to steal anyone, it was my girlfriend who took the initiative. Now looking back I do remember working harder for a couple of days at least in college whenever this Lecturer made my life miserable. So if I decided to cut some slack to this loser, Steven Paul Jobs could use a break too.
This is not a blog for the never ending debate on Android vs iOS or even Apple vs Samsung. If you get your kicks out of that there are far too many experts writing on those subjects everyday. This is a conversation about a contrary take on the “Father of the Digital Revolution” Steve jobs and how crazy people like Colin Moriarity bring us priceless insights. In his own words Jobs wanted to make a dent in the Universe and he did make History right? Maybe the bite on the company Apple logo is analogous to the dent he wanted, what matters at the end of the day is would this world be the same without him as I take a moment to check the constant push notifications on my precious iPhone 5, you decide for yourself. If you like this conversation please like the blog, subscribe to it and leave a comment below, let me know what you think? Until then, I hope you have a conversational day.

Disclaimer: ‘I hope you have a conversational day’ is taken directly from ‘A Conversation with Colin’ from youtube channel Greg Miller. I will gladly edit the ending if it is a copyright infringement. People please go check out the crazy stuff at Greg Miller’s you tube channel and follow them on twitter @gameovergreggy and @notaxation (Colin).

A Conversation with Colin

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    Sorry if the youtube link for “A Conversation with Colin” was not working before. Its fixed now, happy reading and watching.

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